ACE Posts

  • ACEREP #00011

    This post accompanies the release of ACE3 v3.14.0, the biggest ACE3 update in almost two years with many new features and, as always, many fixes and improvements. Some highlights are vehicle towing, compatibility addons for the S.O.G. Prairie Fire and Global Mobilization Creator DLCs, and a new vehicle damage system.

  • ACEREP #00010

    This post marks the release of ACE3 v3.13.0 and, as a result, the public release of the medical rewrite. The previous news post provided perspective on the guiding principles and goals of the medical rewrite. In this post, we detail the key changes of the rewrite in order to give users a better starting point as they explore ACE3’s new medical system.

  • Medical Rewrite

    One of ACE3’s longest development projects (and probably most discussed) is the Medical Rewrite. Started back in July 2016, the medical rewrite received contributions by over a dozen individual contributors. Unfortunately, it has taken a bit more time than we originally hoped.

    Fortunately, thanks to recent strides, the project is approaching its end. Meaning, over the next couple weeks, the focus will shift into finalizing the last bits and pieces of the rewrite.

  • Using CBA Settings in ACE3

    As announced mid november the upcoming ACE3 release (v3.12.0) will make the transition to using CBA Settings to control the many settings ACE3 has.

    We have tried to make the change as smooth as possible.

  • ACEREP #00009

    Last week we have released another big update to ACE3 (and a little hotfix too). ACE3 v3.10.0 (and v3.10.1) brought a numerous amount of additions, changes, fixes and improved translations. Following the release of Jets DLC for Arma 3 a lot of things have changed on how we need to handle certain situations in the code and configuration.

  • ACEREP #00008

    Another year, another release. 3.9.0 is the first release of 2017 and we’d like to thank everyone who has helped us to make it a smooth one.

  • ACEREP #00007

    Just about two month ago we’ve released 3.7.0. A version that had most of the bugs fixed even before the official release. For the first time we were actively supplying users interested in helping us with pre release versions of the mod - so called release candidates. Quite a lot of communities tested the several release candidates and provided us with very valuable feedback. Especially on bugs and quirks that are near impossible to test alone.

  • ACEREP #00006

    It is here! The new ACE 3.7.0 update. We’ve been hard at work adding in a couple of exciting new features. As is per usual for us, we have also worked on a large collection of bug fixes, optimizations and general improvements to existing functionality.

  • ACEREP #00005

    It has been a while, but our next update (3.6.0) has finally arrived. And it’s a big one! We’re saying this each time but the changes are really getting more numerous on each release.

  • Moving ACE3 frameworks to CBA

    The upcoming release of ACE3 is going to be version 3.6.0. This release consists of bug fixes, improvements upon existing functionality and moving large parts of our internal frameworks to CBA A3. This post is all about that last part. So what does this mean?

  • ACEREP #00004

    Our newest version of ACE3 has been released just a couple of hours ago. And we’re happy that we can deliver this version full of improvements and changes for you to enjoy. ACE3 3.5.0 is probably the version with the most code changes since our start in January 2015.

  • ACEREP #00003

    ACE3 3.3.2 has been released nearly 2 and a half months ago and has been one of our most downloaded versions so far with over 31.000 steam subscribers and over 23.000 downloads on github.

  • ACE3 version 3.3.1

    aka ACEREP #00002

    Since we’ve started working on ACE3 3.3.1 it has seen major changes both feature and code wise. Using the new commands added in Arma 3 1.48 and 1.50 we’ve gone over the complete code base and touched nearly every file.

  • ACE3 version 3.2.0

    Version 3.2.0 saw the light just a day ago. We’re a little a bit proud that even with some of the core devs enjoying their well-earned summer vacations and mastering new challenges in their daily lives, we were able to deliver you a splendid update of ACE3.