ACE3 version 3.2.0


Version 3.2.0 saw the light just a day ago. We’re a little a bit proud that even with some of the core devs enjoying their well-earned summer vacations and mastering new challenges in their daily lives, we were able to deliver you a splendid update of ACE3.

A substantial amount of effort has been done by our awesome contributors. And we are very grateful for the time they invest to help us and for their contributions to ACE3.

The New Things

Speaking of contributions: Drill donated his “Point a finger at” mod to ACE3. “Pointing” as we call it allows you to point at a certain location while squad members in close proximity will get a visual representation of where you’ve pointed. We deem this a very useful addition regarding PvP scenarios where remaining silent is essential.

Airborne troops will find the new reserve parachute quite handy or the ability to cut the primary one in case of emergencies.

With mil-sim, realism or role-play scenarios in mind a sitting script has been added to ACE3 allowing players to sit down on most of the chairs you’ll find in the editor. A contribution that adds immersion to briefings, training sessions and role players or lets you chill in the sun.
Two afro americans sitting on chairs and enjoying the evening sun

While porting some of ACE 2’s AGM’s and CSE’s features we’ve ported some of the models alongside. Those models weren’t always optimized for Arma 3 and for performance and we had items lacking a 3D model when placed on the ground. The unoptimized or missing models have been subsequently updated and 3.2.0 has seen a lot of additions.

The Better Things

Fixing errors we were additionally working on further optimizing existing code and we’ve managed to achieve a big performance boost in our wind deflection code.

Furthermore a problem with vanilla damage being applied to some units has been fixed. If you still encounter this issue please report it following this guideline: /wiki/user/how-to-report-an-issue.html

The Shiny Things

Due to popular request we’ve decided to put ACE3 on the Steam Workshop. Once subscribed the latest and greatest version of ACE3 will always be on your PC.

The complete change log of 3.2.0 can be found at:

If you want to chat with fellow ACE3 users or with a dev feel free to join our public slack chat. Instructions on how to do this can be found here: