How to Report an Issue

Issue Flowchart
Issue Flowchart - click to enlarge

Before reporting

If you have found an issue with ACE3 please make sure that ACE3 is really the cause of the problem. To do this try to reproduce the issue with using only @CBA_A3 and @ace on a newly created mission.

Indicate if the issue appears on stable or development version. In case it is the development version, please also include the commit SHA-1 hash.

Please note:

It's not a valid to simply remove @ace from the mod list to confirm that ACE3 is the culprit.

If the error happens when using a third-party mod contact the author of the appropriate mod and report the issue there.

Reporting the issue

Head over to the ACE3 GitHub issue tracker and press the “New Issue” button in the top right corner. Fill out the issue template. Add a link (gist or pastebin) to the client and/or server RPT file. An instruction to find your RPT files can be found here.

A short video clip of the issue might be helpful in resolving it faster.