ACEREP #00006


It is here! The new ACE 3.7.0 update. We’ve been hard at work adding in a couple of exciting new features. As is per usual for us, we have also worked on a large collection of bug fixes, optimizations and general improvements to existing functionality.

At this stage, we’d like to take the opportunity to briefly look back to the past year. Almost a year ago, in December 2015, we released ACE 3.3.2. At that time we had over 31.000 Steam subscribers and over 23.000 downloads on Github for ACE3.

Since then, we’ve introduced a large number of new functionality; trenches, fast roping, mine detectors and our initial release for ACEX are just a few. We have worked on stability and polishing existing functionality, and our team has grown with new members (@jonpas, @BaerMitUmlaut).

Now, we are close to 150.000 subscribers on Steam, and nearly 193.000 downloads combined on Github. That’s a huge growth. Thanks to all our supporters!

What’s new

It is time to tell you about some of the exciting new things that come with the new update.

Advanced Throwing

Earlier this year, @dslyecxi posted a YouTube video showing his implementation of a grenade throwing system. He has kindly donated his proof of concept to ACE3. Since then we’ve been hard at work integrating it into ACE3. And the result pays off!

Here is a video showing it in action:

Chemlight improvements

One of the things we love about Arma 3 are the chemlights. With the 3.7.0 release, @voiperr, one of our valued contributors has submitted his Chemlight enchancements. Here are some comparison screenshots:

Cook off

Back in the ACE2 days, this was one of the big features. And now it’s back. Our own @commy2 has implemented ammo cook off again. Here is a video:

Medical AI

Since the CBA release 2.5.1 the state machine implementation from @BaerMitUmlaut has been available. Within ACE, we are using this to add our first implementation of medical AI. This means that AI medics will be able to treat themselves and members from their squad.

For now, this is only enabled for Basic Medical. We are looking to expand this to Advanced Medical as well.


We are still at work on improving medical. Unfortunally we did not manage to finish our overhaul for the 3.7.0 release, but we hope to have the first stages completed and included before the end of the year.

We are also working on new features such as Blue Force Tracking, Burning and more ports from ACE2, AGM and CSE. We are also open to any features submitted for ACE3. If you have exciting functionality that you feel could belong in ACE3, we are accepting pull requests.

The End Things

The full changelog for ACE3 v3.7.0 can be found here:

We are still in need for translations for some languages within the ACE3 project. Please have a look at this github issue to track the progress and what languages lack translations. Any and all help with this is appreciated.

Slack Monochrome black logo

And most finally, we would like to invite you to our ACE3 public Slack chat. Here you can chat with fellow ACE3 users and developers, ask questions and receive help. Registration is open for everyone:

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