ACEREP #00007


Just about two month ago we’ve released 3.7.0. A version that had most of the bugs fixed even before the official release. For the first time we were actively supplying users interested in helping us with pre release versions of the mod - so called release candidates. Quite a lot of communities tested the several release candidates and provided us with very valuable feedback. Especially on bugs and quirks that are near impossible to test alone.

A big shoutout to those who helped testing! Thank you.

We’ve used this approach for 3.8.0 as well and hope that again most of the bugs have been fixed already and that you can enjoy ACE3 without annoying interruptions.

We will keep this approach for the future and invite you to join to test the release candidates. All information will be posted in our public chat to which you’re invited too. You can access it here:

So, why didn’t we release any minor releases for 3.7.0 (e.g. 3.7.1)? In short: We didn’t feel that it was necessary. During and directly after the release we had already added new and awesome features so that we had to do a major release.

Two new features have made it into 3.8.0 which are “blood splatters” and “ammo box cook off”. Wounded units will now leave more visible trails of blood on the ground which could make for interesting missions like escaping as a wounded soldier who is being tracked down by enemy combatants. When ammo boxes are destroyed the contained ammunition now will cook off in a multitude of small explosions and the boxes won’t just sink into the ground.

A wounded insurgent in front of a damaged truck.

With 3.8.0 the map tools will allow you to draw straight lines again. A feature that sadly is missing in vanilla Arma 3.

The Future things

Medical rewrite

If you’re following ACE3 development on GitHub closely you might already have spotted it: The medical system gets a huge rewrite. That’s true, we’re completely redoing the medical system. Until now the medical system has been a merge of the AGM and CSE medical systems. The AGM one kind of became what you know as the “basic system” and CSE’s respectively the “advanced system”. Being two separate systems it was always hard for us to improve one or the other without reworking the other one too. Not an ideal situation. Another issue we will address with this rewrite is the amount of influence a medical condition has on gameplay. An issue we’ve often heard from different communities as well. There’s an interesting discussion going on GitHub with a lot of different ideas and feature requests. Worth a read.

With the state machine system that has been introduced in CBA we are now able to strictly define various health states of players such as unconsciousness or cardiac arrest and what can happen in those states. This allows us to massively declutter the code which will not only reduce the possibility of bugs, but also enable us to add more features and gameplay elements to the medical system - with no performance loss at all.

We’re really looking forward to the result and how you will like it.

Night Vision Googles Improvements

If you’ve watched dslyecxi’s recent YouTube videos or if you’re following us on twitter you might already have seen that dslyecxi has put together a mod vastly improving night vision googles and the resulting very limiting view. Check out his video with the explanation why vanilla Arma 3 NVGs are a bad representation of real life NVGs and what he has done to improve that.

dslyecxi has donated his mod to ACE3 and we’re looking into integrating it for a future release.

The End Things

The full changelog for ACE3 v3.8.1 can be found here:

We are still in need for translations for some languages within the ACE3 project. Please have a look at this GitHub issue to track the progress and what languages lack translations. Any and all help with this is very appreciated.

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