ACE3 version 3.3.1


aka ACEREP #00002

Since we’ve started working on ACE3 3.3.1 it has seen major changes both feature and code wise. Using the new commands added in Arma 3 1.48 and 1.50 we’ve gone over the complete code base and touched nearly every file.

The Side Things

Did you know that the team behind ACE3 formed from the ACE 2, AGM and CSE teams? In January 2015 we’ve decided that working together would be more beneficial than being competitors and that seemed to be a very good decision. Both AGM and CSE made it into the final stage of the “Make Arma Not War” contest for which we are very grateful. Some weeks ago Koffeinflummi (former AGM) and Glowbal (former CSE) received a splendid gift from Bohemia Interactive for taking part in the contest. Thank you BI, for that.

A gift AGM got as part of being a finalist in the 'Make Arma Not War' contest
A gift CSE got as part of being a finalist in the 'Make Arma Not War' contest

When developing for any kind of language a good IDE (integrated development environment) and language tools are important for gaining more productivity. In a community effort we’ve developed a package for the well-known open-source Atom editor by github. The “language-arma-atom” package which has already been released in version 1.0.1 is available at It includes syntax highlighting for vanilla Arma 3 commands, CBA macros, ACE3 macros and common code snippets. If you’re a fellow mod developer, a mission maker or generally interested in an open-source multi-platform editor we recommend checking out the package and Atom.

The saying “Data is beautiful” is especially true if you visualize it and make a video out of it. If you’re interested how the development process of ACE3 looks like, take a look at the following YouTube video that uses gource to neatly visualize what has happened since ACE3 came into existence.

The New Things

Concerning the new features in 3.3.1 we’ve added the long and desperately awaited “Logistics” feature consisting of repairing vehicles, and cargo space for vehicles. So now you’re able to transport spare parts and fuel from your base to a downed vehicle in the field and have it repaired and refueled by capable personnel.

A scene showing NATO soldiers unloading contents from a HEMTT truck.
An AAF Repair Specialist fixing the back right wheel of a Fennek.

3.3.1 has gotten its own customizable spectator mode which could be useful for community and public missions as well. With the extensive documentation and customizable settings it should fit for nearly all mission styles that need a spectator mode.

If you’ve used CSE prior to ACE3 you might know the famous Medical Menu that was part of CSE. This menu has been ported to ACE3 and is available for both medical simulations: Basic Medical and Advanced Medical.

Using the new script commands from Arma 3 1.48 and 1.50 we were able to increase performance of most ACE3 functions. Advanced Ballistics for instance has seen some impressive improvements in 3.3.1. With an about 20% increase in performance compared to 3.2.1 this can make a difference in large scale Coop or TvT missions.

A diagram showing the increase of performance of Advanced Ballistics compared with vanilla and legacy ACE3

The End Things

The complete change log of 3.3.0 can be found at:

With the changes of 3.3.1 which can be found here: (Be sure to download v3.3.1)

If you want to chat with fellow ACE3 users or with a dev feel free to join our public slack chat. Registration is free and open for everyone: