Using CBA Settings in ACE3


As announced mid november the upcoming ACE3 release (v3.12.0) will make the transition to using CBA Settings to control the many settings ACE3 has.

We have tried to make the change as smooth as possible.


All of your old (client settable) settings should transfer automatically.

The biggest change is how to access the settings now; from the escape menu hit OPTIONS and then ADDON OPTIONS.

Mission Makers

Old mission should still be fully compatible with ACE3 v3.12.0.

However the old methods of changing settings (Setting Modules and class ace_settings in description.ext) are considered deprecated (old modules will still function, but new ones are no longer placeable).

All settings are also subject to backwards incompatible changes with future ACE3 versions. We recommend switching to changing settings via the CBA Eden Editor interface and deleting any old ACE Setting modules. From Eden Editor click on the SETTINGS -> ADDON OPTIONS.

Server Admins

ace_server.pbo / ACE_ServerSettings has been removed in ACE3 v3.12.0.

Refer to CBA’s Server Settings and Userconfig to change settings for your server.

Convert your current server settings

Addon / Script Makers

  • ACE3 will convert all config based settings to CBA Settings automatically (except typeName = "ARRAY").
  • Non-public function ace_common_fnc_addSettings has been removed.
  • Non-public function ace_common_fnc_setSetting has changed and may not function as before.
  • It is critical that calls to ace_common_fnc_readSettingFromModule are now done globaly instead of just on the server.

It is also recommended to deprecate (scope = 1;) your custom setting modules.

  • ACE Events ace_settingsInitialized and ace_settingChanged will continue to work normally.