ACEREP #00008


Another year, another release. 3.9.0 is the first release of 2017 and we’d like to thank everyone who has helped us to make it a smooth one.

The release candidate testing was very successful and we have received important feedback helping us to fix some issues beforehand.

CSAT driving a convoy through one of Tanoa's villages while two CSAT soldiers are arresting two civilians.

This update mainly features quite a lot of bug and compatibility fixes as well as necessary changes for the next Arma 3 update. In particular we’ve added the 64bit compatible DLL files. Though, don’t expect any dramatic performance increases as the DLLs were just rebuilt to make them compatible.

A new component has been added which removes the restriction for picking up and wearing enemy uniforms. You can find it in the /optionals folder in ACE3 and to use it you could e.g. copy it to the /addons folder. We’ve decided to put it into optionals because being able to wear an enemy’s uniform isn’t always the desired behavior for everyone.

We have invested some time in polishing the ballistic features of ACE3. As an example the range cards and the ATragMX now respect the distance between the center of the bore and the center of the scope to more accurately calculate firing solutions. If you’re an addon maker we’ve added new config entries which can be added to your addon or a compatibility patch. And as an added benefit, shooting with this change is even more accurate than in vanilla. Speaking of the ATragMX it is now closer to the real life counter part than ever before: It now features a muzzle velocity/temperature interpolation, calculating muzzle velocity by factoring in powder burn rates at different temperatures and the “Truing Drop” feature which helps a shooter calculate a better flight path based on actual shooting results. And because “our” ATragMX is models closely to the real world one you could even use the real manual to read about those features.

And even Zeus got a little love in this update. You can find new helper modules in the Zeus interface like teleporting players, adding FRIES to a helicopter, toggle the simulation of objects and more. The modules have been cleaned up into distinct categories to make them easier to find.

Showcasing the Zeus interface with the new ACE3 sections and utility modules. A helicopter is getting FRIES attached using ACE3 Zeus.

As mentioned in our last ACEREP we’re still working on our big medical rewrite. Progress though has stalled a little bit due to the holidays and real life occupations. But it’s already in quite a good state. More on that will follow in a future ACEREP.

The End Things

The full (and funny) changelog for ACE3 v3.9.0 can be found here:

We are still in need for translations for some languages within the ACE3 project. Please have a look at this GitHub issue to track the progress and what languages lack translations. Any and all help with this is very appreciated.

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