AI Functions



Garrison function used to garrison AI inside buildings.


Index Description Datatype(s) Default Value
0 The building(s) nearest this position are used POSITION  
1 Limit the building search to those type of building ARRAY  
2 Units that will be garrisoned ARRAY  
3 Radius to fill building(s) NUMBER 50
4 0: even filling, 1: building by building, 2: random filling NUMBER 0
5 True to fill building(s) from top to bottom BOOL false) (note: only works with filling mode 0 and 1
6 Teleport units BOOL false

Return Value

Description Datatype(s)
Units not garrisoned ARRAY


[position, nil, [unit1, unit2, unit3, unitN], 200, 1, false, false] call ace_ai_fnc_garrison


  • alganthe