Added in ACE3 v3.6.0

User Interface Framework

Only advanced elements can be modified using Selective User Interface framework, basic elements can only be changed using showHUD SQF command.

1. Config Values

1.1 Adding an element

class ACE_UI {
    class elementName {
        idd = 300;  // IDD of display where the element is located
        elements[] = {3000, 3001};  // List of control IDCs of the elements to toggle (some can have background as a separate control, this allows grouping them together)
        location = 0;  // Location where the element is present (0 - anywhere, 1 - ground only, 2 - vehicle only)
        // Custom conditions base class (read below)
        class conditions {};

1.2 Setting an existing element

class ACE_UI {
    class elementName {
        // Custom conditions of where the element can be visible, each condition has its own entry (use prefixes for easy identification and prevention of overwriting)
        // As soon as one condition returns `false` the element will be hidden, this can be included when adding a new element
        class conditions {
            my_source = "vehicle player == 'B_Heli_Attack_01_F'";  // Condition which makes the element visible only when player is in `'B_Heli_Attack_01_F'` vehicle.

2. Scripting

Adding new elements through scripting is currently not possible.

2.1 Setting an existing element


Arguments Type Optional (default value)  
0 Source String Required
1 Set/Unset Boolean Required
2 Element Name String Required
3 Show/Hide Boolean Optional (default: false)
R Successfully Modified Boolean Return value

2.1.1 Example

["ace_reload", true, "ammoCount", false] call ace_ui_fnc_setElementVisibility;

Arguments Explanation  
0 "ace_reload" Source displayed in hint when trying to edit this element from in-game settings or in RPT when some other source tries to edit it
1 true Set element, preventing others to change it (except config, which always has priority)
2 "ammoCount" Element name to modify
3 false Hide the element