Added in ACE3 v3.0.0

Respawn Framework

1. Overview

Rallypoints is a two way teleport system between two positions. Usually this is used to transport units that have died during a mission back to the front line. The rally points are portrayed by flagpoles (West, East and Independant flagpoles are available) that have a “Base” and an “Exit” version.

2. Mission Setup

Rallypoints can be found in the editor under: “Empty” » “ACE Respawn”

Class Names:

  • ACE_Rallypoint_West, ACE_Rallypoint_West_Base
  • ACE_Rallypoint_East, ACE_Rallypoint_East_Base
  • ACE_Rallypoint_Independent, ACE_Rallypoint_Independent_Base

Using the Interaction Menu on a rally point offers the ability to teleport from one flagpole to the other flagpole and vice versa.

Note: You can’t place more than one rallypoint of the same type.

All units synced to the “Rallypoint System” are able to move the rallypoint.


It's important to mention that this doesn't work for player who join during a mission (JIP = Join in progress). That's something we can't change because that's the way Bohemia Interactive has implemented their module framework.

To enable other units to move them reference Scripting section.

3. Scripting

3.1 Change Flag Texture

To change the texture of the flag use the following line on the rally point object:

this setFlagTexture 'path\to\my\texture\my_awesome_clan_logo.paa';

3.2 Allow Units to Move Rally Points

To enable other units to move rally points, such as JIP units, use the following line on the units:

_unit setVariable ["ACE_canMoveRallypoint", true, true];