Added in ACE3 v3.13.0

Pylons Framework

1 Setting a whitelist

To set a whitelist, set the ace_pylons_magazineWhitelist variable with an array containing possible magazines.

For example, place an AH-9 Pawnee, with the following in init line:

this setVariable ["ace_pylons_magazineWhitelist", ["PylonRack_7Rnd_Rocket_04_HE_F","PylonRack_7Rnd_Rocket_04_AP_F"]];.

Blacklists are set in the same way. Set the ace_pylons_magazineBlacklist variable with an array containing banned magazines.

this setVariable ["ace_pylons_magazineBlacklist", ["PylonRack_7Rnd_Rocket_04_HE_F","PylonRack_7Rnd_Rocket_04_AP_F"]];.

This would set the only available loadouts to be Hydra 70s. This will not change what is loaded by default, or affect whether it can rearm.