Added in ACE3 v3.5.0

Fastroping Framework

If you want to prepare a helicopter from your addon for fastroping, there’s a few ways to do that.

1. Using simple rope origin points

By using simple rope origin points you will only need two config entries:

ace_fastroping_enabled = 1;
ace_fastroping_ropeOrigins[] = {
    {x, y, z},
    {x, y, z}

This will create the ropes at the two given points. If you have defined memory points for the rope origins, you can use them too:

ace_fastroping_enabled = 1;
ace_fastroping_ropeOrigins[] = {"ropeOriginLeft", "ropeOriginRight"};

You can also use more or less than two rope origins. You can additionally execute code on rope deployment and rope cutting, for example for opening and closing the helicopters doors, see “3. Using onPrepare and onCut functions” for that.

2. Using a FRIES

If your helicopter is not fastroping capable by default, you can make it take a FRIES. A FRIES is just a simple model that gets attached to the helicopter with its own rope origin points. ACE3 already includes two FRIES that are used in real life and can be attached to most helicopters.

To make your helicopter FRIES capable, you need to add the following config entries:

ace_fastroping_enabled = 2;
ace_fastroping_friesType = "yourFRIESType";
ace_fastroping_friesAttachmentPoint[] = {x, y, z};
ace_fastroping_onCut = "ace_fastroping_fnc_onCutCommon";
ace_fastroping_onPrepare "ace_fastroping_fnc_onPrepareCommon";
ace_fastroping_ropeOrigins[] = {"ropeOriginLeft", "ropeOriginRight"};

Let us go through each of them:

  • ace_fastroping_enabled = 2 tells ACE that your helicopter is fastroping capabale but needs a FRIES for that.
  • ace_fastroping_friesType defines the object that will be used as a FRIES on your helicopter
  • ace_fastroping_friesAttachmentPoint defines the coordinates at which the FRIES will be attached to.
  • See 3.3 for more information about ace_fastroping_onCut and ace_fastroping_onPrepare. Note: These two entries are necessary for fastroping with a FRIES.
  • ace_fastroping_ropeOrigins defines the memory points or coordinates from the FRIES where the ropes will be attached to.

2.1 Using one of the given FRIES

ACE3 includes two FRIES:

  • ACE_friesAnchorBar, a system with two extendable rope hooks, based on a system used in the UH60 Blackhawk
  • ACE_friesGantry, a system consisting of two symmetrical external gantries

Both can be used with 3rd party helicopters. To adjust the width or rotation of the gantries on the second FRIES, you will need to adjust the initPhase on the animations. Please look into their current config for further details.

2.2 Creating a custom FRIES

To create a custom FRIES you will need to look out for a few things:

  • Make sure your FRIES inherits from ACE_friesBase.
  • If possible, create memory points for the rope origins and name them “ropeOriginLeft” and “ropeOriginRight” for consistency.
  • If your FRIES has an animations that should get executed on FRIES preparation and rope cutting, it’s recommended to name them “extendHookLeft” and “extendHookRight” so the current ace_fastroping_fnc_onCutCommon and ace_fastroping_fnc_onPrepareCommon functions can be used.

3. Using onPrepare and onCut functions

The onCut and onPrepare functions are responsible for opening/closing the helicopter doors and animating the FRIES (if equipped) when the FRIES gets prepared and the ropes get cut.

ACE3 provides two functions that are compatible with most helicopters and all ACE3 FRIES. It is recommended to use the naming scheme for doors that is present in the base game so you can use the already existing functions ace_fastroping_fnc_onCutCommon and ace_fastroping_fnc_onPrepareCommon. You can however define your own functions if you so desire. Note that these functions run in the unscheduled environment, so commands like sleep and waitUntil will not work unless you use spawn. It is recommended to use ace_common_fnc_waitAndExecute and ace_common_fnc_waitUntilAndExecute instead though.

4. Scripting

4.1. Add FRIES to helicopter


  Arguments Type Optional (default value)
0 Helicopter Object Required
R None None Return value

4.2. Remove FRIES from helicopter


  Arguments Type Optional (default value)
0 Helicopter Object Required
R None None Return value