Added in ACE3 v3.7.0

Cook Off Framework

1. Disabling / Enabling Cook off for individual vehicles

You can dynamically enable and/or disable vehicle cook off for individual vehicles by using setVariable:

VEHICLE setVariable ["ace_cookoff_enable", true, true];

The above will enable cook off for that specific vehicle, no matter the mission settings.

Likewise, cook off can also be disabled for a specific vehicle:

VEHICLE setVariable ["ace_cookoff_enable", false, true];

2. Cook off probability

You can set the probability of cook off for individual vehicle types by changing the ace_cookoff_probability value in the vehicle’s config:

class MyVehicle {
    ace_cookoff_probability = 0.6;

Global cook off probability can also be adjusted with the ace_cookoff_probabilityCoef mission setting.

Higher values will make cook-off more probable, whilst lower values will make cook-off less probable.

3. Ignore damage to turret

For use on vehicles when damage to the main turret would not cause a vehicle cookoff. e.g. RCWS turrets

class MyVehicle {
    ace_vehicle_damage_turretFireProb = 0;