Added in ACE3 v3.0.0

Check PBOs Framework

1. Check PBOs

If you are worried that players haven’t updated ACE3 or other mods to the version you’re using on the server, you can place the “Check PBOs” module on your map. You can choose one of 3 possible actions that are being executed when a player joins that has a wrong version of ACE3 or another mod:

  • Warn once
  • Warn permanent
  • Kick

1.1 Whitelist

You can make a whitelist of mods that don’t have to be on the server or are optional for clients. If you want to use the “Check all addons” option of this module and allow the usage of client side modifications like Blastcore or JSRS, you have to list them here.

The list must be in the following format: ["ADDON1","ADDON2",...] where the strings are CfgPatches classes to all PBOs of the optional mod. To figure these out, you can use the script:

copyToClipboard str ("true" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgPatches") apply {configName _x});

in the editor while those mods are enabled.

1.1.1 Example 1

Mods: @cyp_pushtohear_a3

Whitelist: ["cyp_pushtohear_a3"]

1.1.2 Example 2

Mods: @BC-Phoenix

Whitelist: ["blastcore_sun", "blastcore_smokecs", "warfxpe", "blastcore_vep"]

1.1.3 Example 3

Mods: @cyp_pushtohear_a3, @BC-Phoenix

Whitelist: ["cyp_pushtohear_a3", "blastcore_sun", "blastcore_smokecs", "warfxpe", "blastcore_vep"]