Added in ACE3 v3.7.0

Advanced Fatigue Framework

1. Global Settings

ACE provides four settings to tweak Advanced Fatigue. Adjust these factors depending on how hard you want your experience to be.

  • Performance factor: This influences the overall performance of players, malnourished or super soldiers, everything is possible.
  • Recovery factor: Do you like looking at the landscape or think breaks are boring? Whatever the case, this influences the length of your stamina breaks.
  • Load factor: If you believe a Javelin is the perfect companion for your .50 BMG sniper rifle you probably should tweak this setting.
  • Terrain factor: Not everyone is used to mountainous terrain. Tweak this until you feel more at home.
  • Sway factor: Influences the amount of weapon sway. Higher means more sway.

Note that while there currently is no restriction on the value of these settings, it’s generally recommended to keep them between 0 and 2.

2. Unit Specific Settings

When double clicking a unit you can find a performance factor slider under the ACE options. This unit specific factor will override the global setting, but is only applied to that unit, unless you select multiple and change the slider for all of them at once of course.