Modularity and PBO Structure

1. Modularity

Main principles:

  • As much stuff as possible should be modular
  • Strive to make as much stuff as possible run-time togglable. Adding/removing PBO’s would still be requiring to toggle any feature relying on config changes.

2. PBO Structure

Main principles:

  • Try to keep single module dependencies as much as possible
  • Interaction would be the requirement for most modules.
  • Anything that is 100% config should require Common and not Interaction.
Main -> Common -> Interaction -> Most things

Main -> Common -> Config things

Main -> Common -> 3D Models   |
                  Interaction | -> Feature

3. Optional PBO’s for 3rd Party Mods

ACE3 policy is to not take care of compatibility with third party addons single handely. The current compatible PBO’s were kickstarted by the ACE3 team as an example to mod creators so it’s clear which entries are needed for compatibility. The authors of those addons have been contacted and many of those PBO’s are due to be included in their respective mods eventually.

Notice for 3rd party mod creators:

Most of the config entries are inert if ACE3 is not present, so addons can be made ACE3 compatible without explicitly requiring ACE3. However, for addons that are not inert (for example, scope configs), it is best to create and distribute compatibility PBO's along with the original mod content; feel free to consult with ACE3 devs about how to correctly implement this. All existing compatibility PBO's are examples and thus no further compatibility PBO's will be provided by the ACE3 team.